£ 12.95 each Weight: 220 g


Contents:  crystal water, vodka and the flower essences of 

Garlic and Rock Rose (when our bodies are fearful or in panic)

Bugloss and Bougainvillea (to settle and bring us down to earth) 

Hibiscus (indicated for swellings) 

Christ  Thorn and Spearmint (to strengthen our natural defences)

Morning Glory (balances the chakra associated with the eyes)

Impatiens (when we feel irritated or rash)

Asphodel (cleansing)

Celandine (balances the throat chakra) 

Passion Flower and Stinging Nettle (unblocks the lung meridian and chest chakra)

Seed essences of Fumatory, Shepherd’s Purse and Sour Thistle (calming)

Spray, for external use, above the head, on the face but also can be squirted in the mouth if desired.  

  • Totally natural.
  • Can do no harm.
  • Can be used alongside any form of medicine you may be taking.
  • Use of often as required.
  • 4% alcohol by volume.

We also can supply you with a refill bottle for the Summer Spray.

It will refill the 100 ml size twice and the 30 ml six times.

Refill Bottle

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