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already felt the benefit

My husband, Peter, has been using your hayfever spray and has already felt the benefit.  I will ask him to send you a report.  I will also send you the postage asap.

I found it really helpful for calming my throat

Just wondered if the Summer Spray you trailed last year is available. My friend kindly organized a bottle for me and I found it really helpful for calming my throat not just for my mild hay fever but also for occasional acid reflux irritation, so I'd love some now summer has apparently decided to turn up!
Many thanks

that’s a good sign!

Thank you, the trial one I ordered last year was for a neighbour who found it excellent – I did send her the link for feedback but I’m not sure she did. I know she has recently ordered two more bottles though so that’s a good sign!

Unfortunately it did not help me at all

thank you for the summer spray trial bottle. Unfortunately it did not help me at all.  In winter mostly I suffer from hay fever, some times i try home remedies like steam inhalation, mixture of gooseberry and honey. etc, if this doesn't  work. I use  Allegra which I found very effectively treating hay fever.

walking through long grass found the remedy very helpful

Hi Simon,

For some reason I can't get onto your website today.

Just to let you have my feedback.

Thanks to the relentless rain, I haven't had much cause to use the Hay fever remedy this year and we are now out of the season that is normally bad for me, (April - June).

 I did however have one really bad reaction a few weeks  ago (on a rare dry day!) after walking through long grass and found the remedy very helpful then.

I feel it really helped to calm things down and although I still had to eventually resort to antihistamines for badly swollen eyes, I didn't need to take them for as long as usual before the symptoms eased.

Hope this is helpful and thank you for letting me take part in the trial.

Best wishes,


could please send me a further two

Dear Simon,

I am nearly at the end of my Trial bottle of Summer Spray and would be most grateful if you could please send me a further two.  I enclose a cheque as requested.

Best wishes A.W.

did seem to go very relaxed

Dear Simon - My parcel has just arrived, so the first thing to do was take a dose of the summer spray!  I was sitting comfortably at the time - and did seem to go very relaxed.  So let's see what happens....Best wishes, Jane.

hayfever remedy to be very helpful

Thank you for sending me the trial bottle of hayfever remedy - I used it over the summer. I get quite severe hayfever though in recent years it seems to have come under control. This year, however, was different and I had a number of very challenging days. I found the hayfever remedy to be very helpful when sprayed over my face and I kept it with me spraying from time to time for relief. I also took some by spraying into my mouth but the greatest relief was when spraying over closed eyes all over my face. Unfortunately I did not find it eliminated symptoms but it did alleviate them and I would use again.

it really does do the trick!!

Yes, it is just one - thank you.  I would be grateful for replacement - vodka. eh, I had no idea!  what next?  Thank you so much, because it really does do the trick!!
Best wishes  Anne

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the relief is almost instantaneous. Brilliant, thank you

I have to say, although I received the flower remedy late last summer, I did not try it until this year, and every time I get an extra problem I have a spray and the relief is almost instantaneous.  Brilliant, thank you.
Anne Wawn