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feel you have interpreted very well

Dear Simon,

The package arrived this morning, thank you. I was very interested to read the results of your dowsing and feel you have interpreted very well - particularly 'too much creative energy' - it's very exhausting.

I shall put a cheque in the post to you on Monday and will let you know how I get on.

I'm amazed at what you have picked up on

Dear Simon and Heidi,

Thanks for the remedy, I received it this morning -  a fantastic service.  I'm amazed at what you have picked up on, certainly issues that I've been thinking about over the last few weeks. I'll let you know how I get on.  Thanks again, L.

able to clear something which had been hidden deep inside

Hi Simon

Hope all is well with you.

Just wondering whether it would be possible to dowse for some remedies for my husband.  You last dowsed for him in May 2013 and I have given details of the remedies you sent him below, although this probably isn't relevant.  He has suffered from high blood pressure for a long time now (over 15 years) and it does come under control but then rises again at certain times, as it has now.  He isn't on any conventional medicine as he prefers to try to control it by alternative methods - diet, meditation, healthy weight etc etc.

He took the remedies below in May 2013 and by December 2013 was able to clear something which had been hidden deep inside since he was a child.  I'm not sure why I am contacting you now apart from his blood pressue has risen again, but do feel that it is time for some more flower remedies which he said he would be very happy to try.

I look forward to hearing from you.

These are the flower remedies I dowsed for your husband:
Andryala flower essence is very useful for Inner Child healing, particularly when the joy and spontaneity of life is being crushed by the weight of adult responsibilities. Andryala helps us greater appreciate the simple pleasures of life and put is more in touch with our desire for spontaneity and play. When we feel more child-like our body responds.
Lilac flower essence is an extremely important remedy for the back. It works upon all the chakras which are connected to the central light column that equates on the physical level with the spine. The Physical Indicators of lilac flower essence are back pain, spinal inflammation, pinched nerves in the spine, solidification of the vertebrae, lack of flexibility in the spine.  Lilac also works on a symbolic level when we shoulder too much.
Oregano flower essence is the remedy of release. When we release we give up control and influence. This essence allows us to see with more clarity that we do not have to hold on, we can surrender the reins of power to something beyond ourselves.
Passion Flower flower essence for the Heart Chakra - centre of love. Indicators overly protective, withholding love - a closed heart, lack of sympathy, loneliness, depression, grief, self-blame, guilt, bereavement. Physical dis-ease in bronchial tubes, lungs, breast, heart, entire circulatory system, strokes, blood clots, thymic atrophy, weak immune system.
Borage flower essence for the emotional body

Water Violet flower essence. Quiet, self-contained but aloof, folk with a tendency to withdraw from social circles and functions, loners, difficulty experiencing the rich diversity of human life.
I hope I have managed to write something of value, if you want to order these remedies in a combination visit the Practitioner Page

Love, Simon

Amazing dowsing

Hi Simon, Wow just read about them, brilliant, fits everything. The only one I cant read about is moon wind, I just get taken to a blank page. I forgot to mention I have problems with alcohol, can I put the drops in water or not.I think I can remember it was a no last time.
Simon, I have such problems with anger. I get angry at things there is no need to get angry about. I dont get angry when I need to. I get angry at the wrong people and sometimes just dont have a clue how to deal with anger , its like a unknown quantity with me.I supress it. I do all sorts of things with anger. I feel really happy that anger has come up to be dealt with.
Amazing dowsing, dont know why I ever stopped taking them.
Thank you very much.

B feels the drops have made a big difference

Hi Simon!
Thanks for the remedy for B, she continues to improve and we are delighted by her progress. B feels the drops have made a big difference, she is sleeping much better, is very positive and I am now having to hold her back (as when she over does it she becomes over emotional and it exaggerates the teenage tantrum part!).
Would it please be possible for you to send another bottle? Is it ok to send you a cheque on receipt as  last time?
Thanks again, we are really grateful for your help.
Love, L

finding your essences so helpful

Hi Simon
Please could you another essence for B to my home address as she is with me for the next few weeks. She finds your essences so helpful. She is about to start a new job so is getting nervous and not sleeping.
Many thanks and hope you are enjoying the summer

Four individual flower essences for whole family

Four individual flower essences for whole family

Mum - very focussed on creativity side now - less drawn to healing work . Strong in herself

Dad - keeping calm considering underlying strain of business.  Mind churns away all the time. Keeping well physically.

Son - passed exam very well. Did have tummy bug last week so off work - very unusual for him.  Better now. Signed on for drawing class!

Daughter - Gaining in confidence.  Coming out of her shell. Stronger in herself and physically well.

I am delighted with the results

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for dowsing for me and dedicated your time. I am delighted with the results and fascinated with how accurate they are. Every single one of them is me. I actually had a great affinity with blackberries of late as well as sunflowers. I am looking forward to the healing they will all provide and feel they will help me a lot. 
With regard to Californian poppy and Daffodil and what you said about these and spiritually opening, I can really relate. It is spot on and feel they have come at just the right time. I even have been planning to get into crafts and creativity again. I think Moon Star is very much me as I have always felt a deep saddess and depression since being young. It is not always there, I am happy most of the time now but in my past there has been a lot of hardship and i do believe that some of this could have been related to my past lives as well as in this life. I agree with what u said about my maturity and being able to deal with any deep issues it may bring up.I love the sound of the seed essences you have included also. I am happy for you to include all of the remedies you listed.
I love flower essence therapy and the philosophy behind it. It's so simple and holistic. I admire the work you do and the way you describe the different flower essences on your website and publications. It is very interesting and so easy to understand. It makes you think how we just need to tune into nature, see what each flower looks like and what it is telling us. 
I am happy for you to go ahead with making this. Would u recommend a 30ml or 100ml? 
Best wishes,

I am impressed with the dowsing essences

I am having mixed experiences with the dowsing essence, it does make me feel more calmer inside but also quite tired and think I am getting a bit fearful of some of the feelings coming up. I keep going back to it and am trying to persevere as I think it is helping. I am taking it 2 x daily at present and hopefully will increase. I am impressed with the dowsing essences they do seem more fitted if that makes sense. Would you say I should try another one when this is finished?

Many thanks

I got the remedies last week and they are perfect

Hello Simon, I got the remedies last week and they are perfect. I felt a change almost immediately. It has been so difficult being without Mom. So very difficult. I believe the remedies are helping. Mom's favorite things to say to people regularly were "it is part of the cure, to wish to be cured" and, when someone was complaining about an ailment or problem she would say "I bet there is a remedy for that". So astute. 
Thank you. 
Sent from the heart.

I think it is doing wonders for her!!

Hi Simon
Please could you send Mum another bottle of magic potion…I think it is doing wonders for her!!  Bill in the same for her as Im away for a week.  I like to pay for it so if you don’t mind waiting I shall send you a cheque
Thanks a lot

I think there are some subtle changes

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the flower essence you made up for me a few weeks ago.  I would like another one please and one for my daughter, son and husband.

Feed back from me is that I think there are some subtle changes….getting into painting and drawing now and less keen to do paid work.  Interesting change of direction which has been slowly unfolding.  Perhaps one goes through these changes from time to time but I feel very definitely that art is my focus for the foreseeable future.  I’m becoming keener on working with people on a one to one basis and helping them to cope with anxiety issues and may do this as well.  So I do feel a shift is happening.

Could you also send me a flower essence for my daughter again as she is doing well, growing in confidence and coping with city life in a positive way…new job coming up so will need lots of support.  Perhaps you could send me an essence for our son too. He works away and is happy but has exams looming so that would be good for him. My husband is fairly stressed with business issues so needs a lot of support over the summer….he seems to be in his own little world most of the time!

I wondered why on earth I stopped using the remedies

Hi Simon, long time since we spoke. I hope all is well with you. 
Your new website looks great and I wondered why on earth I stopped
using the remedies and tried to cope with life’s issues without them!
Anyway, can you please send me a bottle of lunar wild strawberry with
higher heart essence and seed essence group 7 all mixed together with
a big dollop of your expertise to put me back on track please.
Thank you

it is wonderful to see her responding to the remedies

Thank you so much for dowsing for my daughter.  Your comments were very apt and it is wonderful to see her responding to the remedies

It's helping me particularly with clarifying my boundaries

Hello Simon,
Thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on with essences combination that you kindly put together. It's helping me particularly with clarifying my boundaries (with myself and others). I've been through a lot in the last 3 years emotionally - and it's still ongoing - with the main challenge being a case of standing up for myself with manipulative but charming people, both men and women. So things have shifted there a bit and I am learning to keep myself safe, to recognise the bullies. As you mentioned, it may well be connected to something I experienced in a former life and am working through in this one. Have had some interesting dreams where I'm wrestling with an amorphous blob…prob my issue coming to the surface! Feel positive about being creative too.

Please could you tell me what the Wild tobacco plant is for?

When I come to end of the bottle I may well be in touch again…for the next stage.

Thank you so much!!

My daughter continues to improve

Dear Simon,

Thought I'd let you have a quick update. My daughter continues to improve. She has gone back to school full time, for the first time since her problems started last autumn, and our fingers are crossed that she'll have the energy to cope. She has been bright and cheerful and good company but I can see her low self esteem issues emerging. Would it be possible for you to send her another bottle of remedy as I'm sure it has helped.... I am happy for a repeat or for any changes you may see fit to make.

I am delighted to say that I have also benefited from your remedies. I am clearer- headed and have far fewer headaches. I found that it was a very gentle, gradual affect that was barely noticeable for quite some time but that left me saying "wow" when I looked back! 

Many thanks for all your help,


Remedies for Pony

Midget has had a fairly busy season competing at Eventing, Tetrathlon and Show Jumping and during August travelled to Yorkshire for an event, came back home to Wiltshire then a week later went up to Cheshire for another event.  This time last year he started feeling a little lethargic and you dowsed a remedy for him which showed he was tired mentally, the remedy worked wonders and gave him a new lease of life almost immediately.  I was thinking that maybe he needed a similar thing again this year as he is just a little quieter than usual and although he doesn't appear to enjoy holidays because he gets bored quickly, that is what it feels like he needs.

Any help would be much appreciated - thank you.

Thank you for your help.... we're delighted

Hi Simon!
I thought that you may like to hear how B is doing now she's been on the remedies that you recommended for a few weeks.....
She had started to make improvements on the Bowen therapy and taking the drops has been the icing on the cake. Her progress has been sustained and grows day by day, she has far fewer "off" days and those she has a far easier. She is motivated and determind and we now feel as if we have B back with us!
Thank you for your help.... we're delighted. I'm aware that it's important to continue long term given the information that you provided so we'll be in touch to reorder when the drops run low.
Again, many thanks.

Thank you for your time and wisdom

This is very helpful and rings true!  Thank you for your time and wisdom.  I will be placing an order soon.

You are helping me so much

Hello Simon,
So fitting ! I have some of these flowers in my garden, how awesome! You are helping me so much with the remedies you have sent me over the past several months. Things are getting better all the time. Thank you so much!
I am so looking forward to receiving the remedies!

you dowsed for some remedies for Midget our pony

Hi Simon,

Last year you dowsed for some remedies for Midget our pony. 

The remedies you suggested for him last time worked extremely well and helped him to really settle in with us.  He has had an exceptional season with my daughter, travelling around the country competing.  He has got used to the reiki sessions that I give him and now appears to really enjoy them.   I am looking for another remedy for him now, although he seems very relaxed, happy and settled, at times his energy can be quite low, I'm not sure whether he is just getting older and sometimes finds things a little tiring or whether there is something else troubling him. 
If you could dowse for some remedies it would really be appreciated.
Many thanks, P  x